Background Playlist Update August

Playlist Update August

Fresh new tracks for DISCOTHÈQUE

Funky House, Nu Disco, Jackin and more!

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Your online radio for Nu Disco, House Classics, Funky, Soulful & Disco House! DISCOTHÈQUE is THE internet radio station for lovers of original 70s disco songs, which have been sampled since the mid-90s and refreshed under various incarnations such as Disco House, Re-Edits or – more recently – Nu Disco and made danceable for the younger generations.

After its heyday at the end of the 90s to the middle of the new millenium's first decade, when this sound was even on the radio and on music channels like MTV and VIVA TV, it quickly sank back into the underground and new subgenres emerged, including Nu Disco. Initially rather synth-pop-heavy, Nu Disco developed further and is now - similar to Disco House at the turn of the millennium - very disco-heavy again. The main difference to Disco House is that Nu Disco songs run at a similar BPM to Classic Disco and Re-Edits – which are closer to the original – at 110-123 BPM, while Disco House can reach up to 130 BPM.

With the emergence of labels like Glitterbox, Peppermint Jam and many more, this music is about to reach a new size again, which makes us very happy! DISCOTHÈQUE is dedicated to just that: Underground Disco House, current Nu Disco tracks, House Classics from the late 90s and early 2000s, Soulful House songs whose focus is on vocals and melodies, as well as Jackin House for the more clubby sound.
You can listen to our Disco dedicated online music radio 24 hours a day & 7 days a week – in our playlists and our podcasts. So bookmark this station here and now!

And if you like it a bit harder, check out the stream of our Club station!


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